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We strive to make your storage experience a pleseant one. However a few cautionary words and some helpful hints on what can and can’t go into storage.

What can’t I store?

Common sense and the law determine what you can and cannot store. However, under your self storage agreement, you cannot store flammable, dangerous, explosive, illegal, environmentally harmful or perishable goods. Mowers and other diesel or gas powered engines must have the fuel removed before being stored.

Moving Boxes

Remote controls, bed legs, nuts and bolts, screws for dressing tables or mirrors, appliance and electronic equipment leads, and other last minute bit and pieces. Number each carton and make a list briefly describing the contents of each carton next to the number. Televisions, video & music equipment should be wrapped in bubble plastic and packed into cartons with plenty of crunched up paper on the bottom, top and sides. Remember, donÂ?t make cartons too heavy. Cartons should be packed to the top with no space at the top or the carton may crush. Fill any space at the top with crunched up paper and press the lid down firmly. Cartons should be strong enough to be used as a base to stack furniture on.

Plan before you store

To help you maximize your storage space, place your cartons (professional packing cartons) in the unit to about waist height as a base. Stand mattresses and solid larger square furniture on the cartons, and then stack smaller lighter items over the top. Work your way forward and upwards. Use protective blankets, sheets etc, to protect surfaces. Store fridges and freezers with doors slightly ajar. Store items you will require access to at the front of the unit. Cover mattresses, fabric lounges and chairs in plastic covers.


The goods you have stored in a self-storage space are yours and remain your responsibility. You should always have them covered by insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see if your contents policy has provision to cover your goods in a self-storage facility. If not your self storage consultant should be able to assist you in gaining insurance cover.


  • Mattresses, fabric lounges and chairs should be placed in plastic covers.
  • Disassemble beds, tables and prefab furniture where possible.
  • Store tables upside down on padding as high up as you can reach.
  • Do not pack pressure packs, oils, paints, flammables, chemicals. Wherever possible everything that will fit into a carton should be packed into a carton.
  • Line the bottom of each carton with about 100mm of crunched up paper and press down firmly for padding.
  • Wrap all items individually.Large heavy items should be packed on the bottom and lighter things on the top.
  • Dinner plates should be packed on their edge at the bottom of the carton. Place more crunched up paper between layers of packed items. Continue with bread plates saucers and other smaller items Place more crunched up paper around the sides of the carton. Stemmed glasses should be packed upside down.
  • Paintings should be packed into picture/ mirror cartons if they cannot fit into a standard carton.
  • Fine delicate crystal and hand blown glass - use tissue or shredded paper which is available from our office.
  • Small items should be wrapped individually and then bundled together to make a bigger bundle to prevent loss.
  • Paperback books can be packed into bundles of six to eight and packed into specific book cartons which are designed in size to restrict the weight.

Before Moving & Storage

  • Clean and drain fuel/oil from mower, edger etc.
  • Disconnect and drain washing machine, secure motor and barrel for travel if required (front loaders especially) refer manufacturers handbook.
  • Disconnect and prepare stereo, CD player, compact disk etc.
  • Disconnect and drain water from fridge freezer the day before removal and make sure they are thoroughly clean and dry to prevent mould.
  • Clean BBQ
  • Gas bottle to be emptied, burn through BBQ dont empty into atmosphere. Beware of gas heater pilot lights.
  • Dismantle and bundle swings, slippery dips, portable pools, trampolines, hammocks and garden sheds.
  • Drain and dismantle your waterbed the day before uplift. A suitable conditioner should be added to the bladder before storing.
  • Arrange disconnection of services like electricity, gas, phone.
  • Cancel deliveries like paper, milk, and organise redirection of mail.
  • Notify the following authorities of your change of address:
  • Electoral office, vehicle registration, banks, taxation office, insurers, education institutions, social security, medicare, clubs and subscriptions.


Fridges and freezers and all other white goods should be clean and dry before being stored. Avoid placing other items inside white goods. Stack only light things on top of fridges, freezers, washing machines. Tools, BBQ’S, equipment etc, should be cleaned before storing.

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